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I'm Jen and I am Yes, Please!  I’m lucky to have had the opportunity to build a business by doing what I love. Yes, Please began in 2014 completely by accident!  I have always been artsy and creative but after unexpectedly losing my Dad in 2013 I needed a creative outlet. I began baking and decorating every chance I had.  I gifted and donated my edible creations to friends, family and charity.  And then the orders started coming in....say whaaaat!  I was shocked!  With each new order came a new challenge or skill for me to teach myself. I ran with the opportunities presented to me and never looked back. 

Fast forward to 2020 and what a different world it is!  Celebrations are different.  Gatherings are much smaller.  The cake world has slowed down but my creative energy has not!  I've shifted that energy and found that in addition to creating edible art I love capturing beautiful images in nature and really enjoy creating abstract art.  Now, after much hard work and preparation, I'm proud to showcase my creations to all of you!

From weddings and birthdays to charity auctions and sleep away camps, the experiences and friendships Yes, Please has brought me have been a gift to my soul.  I have had some humbling experiences, some of the most fulfilling experiences and I've met THE BEST people along the way.    Thank you all for the ongoing support and inspiration.  I look forward to creating something beautiful for you!


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